Monday, 21 June 2010

daily poetry

i would like to kiss the face of the person responsible for poetry daily, especially today's edition:

Cutting Apples

My father always carried a penknife
to pare his green apples, raising their skins
in perfect spirals. He never drew blood
slicing his bananas for breakfast,
their dark-seeded cores like little faces
dropping into the milk, one more item
in a life of a thousand chores,
one more notch in a life advancing
by millimeters or inches, not seconds or days.
I watched him turn himself as carefully away
from violence as a lathe on a table leg,
cutting each curve and flourish
from the flat face of a block
clamped in his hand. His hand and its thumb
never shied from the blade; he knew
that what you do with any tool gives it its value,
like a life—not too eager or afraid.

Michael Salcman

plucked from places obscure and obvious, they're always sparse and wonderful.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

i know it's wrong...

...but i can't help myself. i want these boots. oh, the adventures we'd have...

Monday, 14 June 2010

golden light and the golden age

if you're partial to long-haired boys, barefoot girls, treehouses, folk art and 70s lens flare - or have ever wanted to live inside a fleet foxes song - pay strange eyes a visit.

a place to nest

oh, to live here:

allandale house is stunningly beautiful, a modern day A-frame cabin in the woods designed by william o'brien, jr. that light! that view! that room empty of anything but books!

i'd still settle for linda aldredge's beautiful perch, though...

(treehouse image is via tree porn, if you're arboreally inclined.)

i've got the metallic taste of wanderlust in my mouth at the moment. baby, we were born to run.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

a love letter for you

i first came across stephen powers' philadelphia mural project, 'a love letter for you', about six months ago. i was waiting for the right moment to show it to someone, but there's no point waiting for the right moment (unless you're hatching an egg, maybe); there's only this moment.

so, here it is.

some are hip hop lyrics, some are sweet nothings; all of them are stunning.


go see.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

louise bourgeois

rest in peace, louise bourgeois.

i'm not sure i could say that i liked your work, but for your clear-eyed vision, your forthright ideas, your boldness and your commitment to turning impulse into reality, i thank you.