Monday, 20 September 2010

uh oh

lock up your bookish daughters - DBC Pierre is reading at the ever wonderful book slam this month. if it's anything like the last time i saw him read there, expect a swarm of girls crawling over him like angry bees, fighting for the dubious privilege of buying his many whiskies, while DBC takes it like a premiership league footballer at a strip club. odd. but kind of hard not to be riveted.

listen to him on his best behaviour being interviewed by my brilliant (in all senses that word may be taken) friend martin makenzie-murrayhere.

Friday, 17 September 2010

more vicarious shopping

oh, how i want this:
Frustrated by the hustle of NYC, Carly Margolis escaped to the Catskills with her boyfriend to work on art and record music in an abandoned cabin in the woods. During these months spent in the woods, a collection was born. The Sacred Mountain Collection is inspired by sacred objects of past and future. The pieces from this collection might pass as ancient relics from an indigenous Meso-American civilization or a symbol of some future nation. They are meant to resemble miniature kingdoms.

palace brick ring by magpie & rye.

i realise there's an awful lot of wanting going on at the moment. i'm still blaming my birthday. there's got to be some compensation for it, doesn't there?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

rampant birthday wishings

being perpetually skint of late has turned me into a rabid, foam-mouthed consumer. under the guise of daydreaming about things my many minted beloveds might like to get me for my birthday, here's what i've been hankering after...

...a candle in a sugar bowl made for walking

...a massive orange 'n'

...a blanket you can wear

...yotam ottolenghi's new cookbook

...colour you can send floating up to the stars

...a new pannier to replace my bike's collapsed box

...and a bunch of happy ranunculi

...or you could just turn up at my house with a record to listen to and i'd be a happy lady, really...