Monday, 20 September 2010

uh oh

lock up your bookish daughters - DBC Pierre is reading at the ever wonderful book slam this month. if it's anything like the last time i saw him read there, expect a swarm of girls crawling over him like angry bees, fighting for the dubious privilege of buying his many whiskies, while DBC takes it like a premiership league footballer at a strip club. odd. but kind of hard not to be riveted.

listen to him on his best behaviour being interviewed by my brilliant (in all senses that word may be taken) friend martin makenzie-murrayhere.

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JPwritesi said...

Inkling, something different, something to make you think?

Maybe this could be thus.

daily poems....

Monday to Friday I take the train to and from work. About 22 minute each way. Usually I have to stand, barely able to move, in the crowded space. My old trusty Blackberry in hand. One finger, or my thumb, typing away. Aim to create a poem a day. 365 a year. I am going faster than that presently.

I don't know if the poems will make you think every time, relate every time, or enjoy every time.

But they are there, and happy birthday for earlier this month.