Monday, 8 September 2008

oh, now it all makes perfect sense

There’s little point even in attempting to shoehorn what follows into any kind of sensible diatribe.

Basically, when the inimitable Rach was without internet for a week, the resourceful scamp and her equally handy pals at Hi-ReS! decided to make their own internet, out of gifs, bits and pieces they had on their hard drives, and the cardboard toilet roll inners.

When they got the real internet back, they uploaded part of their homemade internet. Following? I had a play and ended up on the following screen.

And what follows is Rach’s oh-so-matter-of-fact explanation of the weirdness.

I think their internet is easily my favourite thing on the internet. Thank goodness for nonsense, weirdos and flashing gifs shouting ‘YEAH!”

1 comment:

rachel hunt said...

yeah, it does make perfect sense ill have you know. just because on first, second and third inspection it *appears* confusing, doesnt mean it is