Monday, 3 November 2008


Gluttony - Gola
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Because I am a girl in need of a cattle prod, I have been scheming and formulating and signing up to things left, right and centre. I can consequently announce that I am threatening to actually make some goddamned progress on those resolutions.

To whit: I have rejoined the gym, and have resolved to get to yoga at least a couple of times a year week (oopsy. A genuine, and slightly telling, mistake...). My joints are creakier than Tin Man’s. I've been swimming again and revelling in the slick feeling of immersion. I have also resolved to take a week off the sauce.* And then maybe a bit more. I also have two apples on my desk. PROOF.

And I haven’t cried in the sandwich shop for at least a week. Possibly not that much of an achievement given my credit crunch-induced packed lunch regime. Shit. Still.

Most importantly, I’m going to give NaBloPoMo the kind of red hot go only a Lil’ Aussie Battler can. No more of this once a month business. Look out, internets.

*Possibly excluding Wednesday’s expedition to the Wild West (well, Shepherds Bush Empire) to see the Fleet Foxes when a quieting G&T may well be the only thing between me and a tussle with security after trying to hug Robin Pecknold.


reuben said...

working class??? you're so middle class it hurts, miss.

and aussie??? last i heard, you drop your 't's in favour of glottal stops on select london-y phrasings.

you gots ta *earn* that tag back, gal - we don't just hand it out willy nilly down 'ere...

: )


ps. your word verification is wonderful! joymmulp - sounds like someone happy after eating something delicious, very quickly.

rach said...

you had at least 3 beers yesterday as far as i am aware :)

Inkling said...

sobriety's all relative :)