Wednesday, 11 February 2009

It’s nice to be back in the world. After two days of trembling fever and lurching nausea, shutting the door behind me to go to work on the bluest morning I know had that caterpillar chrysalis feeling, the colours ratcheted up a notch, the sound balance altered. The air was so fresh and clear it could have been the alps instead of (when I grow rich, said the bells of) Shoreditch.

Today I would like to sit with my eyes closed and feel the shapes the wind draws as it streams past my face.

But I’m at work (bah), so instead I made a trip to an art supplies place at lunch time to buy fat felt tips and glue sticks, and now I’m fossicking through TV on the Radio’s back catalogue courtesy of the marvellous Spotify.

It’s grey now, and there’s not much to see, maybe it’s a day for listening…

Beach House:

J Tillman:

…or just daydreaming.

I like you a lot; you have a talent for always knowing the right thing to say.

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