Wednesday, 11 March 2009

(belated) tuesday: i know this much is true

after we moved to australia, every week, my mum would get two aerogrammes in the post, one addressed in my nana's dense scrawl, and the other bearing my aunty peg's spidery handwriting (she was actually my great aunty peg, but woe betide anyone who called her that...). every week, without fail, they sat down to take stock of the days, think of my mum across the globe in this scorched new place, and fold up their observations and ideas and missingness.

i remember how my mum would sink into them, how she'd become far away, how she'd stop being mum for a few minutes and become someone's daughter.


reuben said...


in all the time i've known you, i did not know that we both had an aunty peg who was really our mums' aunt...


Inkling said...

haha, and yet i knew that we did. something i remember that you don't! in your face, acciano!