Thursday, 23 April 2009

here, let me help you with that

i thought i would helpfully assist you in your wonderings about what you could do to make me happy today.

you could teach me how to make slightly odd, sweet paper animations.

you could arrange to have michel gondry draw my portrait. (you can be in it too, if you like.)

you could assuage my quasi erotic longings for the amazing honey gelato that i was eating this time last week at san crispino in rome.

you could turn up at my house with a picnic blanket, a watermelon and this magnificent record player all set for an afternoon in the park.

knowledge is power, innit?

time to go listen to nina simone singing 'here comes the sun' one more time. loving this enthusiastic british spring the way that alveoli love oxygen.

but i still love you more.


Anonymous said...

how to make kooky papercut animation:

step 1: cut out your characters. here, they have used white, folded paper because they are fancy-schmancy, but coloured card is good, as are old book covers from remainders that have the wrong book inside the cover, or have some pages upside down.

step 2: paint or draw your background, or just use a plain black one.

step 3: pin your background to a wall, and set up a film camera (an old wind up bolex with a stop motion button is good) or a video camera with a photo shot button, or a still camera if neither of the above options are available. make sure the wall and the camera plane are parallel. alternatively, you could set the background up on a table, and have the camera fixed looking down onto the background.

step 4: set your characters up (stick a tiny bit of blu-tack to their backs so they stick onto the background) in their starting position and take from four to twelve frames, depending on how fast you want them to move.

step 5: keep moving your characters and taking shots, when you play it back as a continuous stream, they will be jumping around! yay! (but if you used a still camera, you will have to put the photos into a final cut or i-movie first)

Instead of paper, you could use fuzzy felt, like woof wan bau did here

Inkling said...

but that almost sounds...easy? wow. magic within reach. thank you!

i'm going to hunt me out some fuzzy felt this weekend... x