Tuesday, 26 May 2009

yeah, what would you know about it, astrobarry?

Photo by inkling

turns out, quite a bit. dammit.

Your days of holding the interpersonal dynamic at a breezy, easygoing, half-an-arm's-length distance are numbered, Libra. It's getting deeper, fuller, more intense and flavorful… and there's really no useful use in trying to defer the inevitable. I was also going to add that this heightening of involvement level (whether in a romantic, professional or other collaborative context) is due to occur whether you like or not, then thought better of it—mainly because I intuit that you will like it, even if this affectionate pull is unconscious (while your conscious mind continues to freak out about all the ramifications). But we all know there's only so long that two people can play a semi-detached game of nicey-nice with each other before it simply has to 'go there'. You know what I mean? As the next few weeks unfold, you will see that this is either the beginning of the end… or, perhaps more precisely, the beginning of the end of the prior initiatory phase and simultaneously the start of something more profound. Do not fear the tangled web you find yourself being woven into. There's an undeniable thrill to knowing that, though you'll soon have much more to lose should things go south, you'll also soon have much more to gain if and when they don't.

argh. astrobarry strikes again.

things i'm learning, over and over again, these days:

- there's nothing to be scared of, except of being cowardly.
- being afraid means you've got something to lose. having something to lose means you've got something at stake. having something at stake is brave, and good.
- strawberries taste exponentially better when the sun's out.
- i am really a very slow learner.

now wait until the sun goes down and light a sparkler. apparently it is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. weirdos.

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