Tuesday, 24 November 2009


the empire of wonder that is it's nice that just keeps growing with the launch of a brand new zine 'if drawings were photographs'.

from the website:
The brainchild of designer Rob Matthews and Illustrator Tom Edwards, put simply – “Tom gave drawings to Rob and Rob tried to make them into photographs.”

keep an eye on goings-on over at it's nice that towards the end of december, when sanky will be rummaging about in his bag of tricks for a special series of guest posts. yay!

while on the subject of pretty things, present and correct is brimful with goodies making my credit card itch.

this has my name all over it:

maybe i'd be better at remembering what day it is if i had this calendar...

and anyone who watched last night's installment of david attenborough's 'Life' series will have a whole new appreciation for this no-nonsense educational poster:

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