Friday, 21 January 2011

people in space(s)*

i've been utterly distracted by 'freunde von freunden' for the past few days - sort of 'the selby'-esque (which i'm also prone to spending hours on, coveting other peoples' homes/ brooklyn rooftop gardens/ pets/ trampolines/ lives) but more understated, more focused on the creativity running like electricity in its subjects which also flows through the objects and spaces they create for themselves to live in.

at least that's what i'm choosing to believe is going on. most of the interviews are written in german.

the one i most want to live in is illustrator sarah illenberger's. it's so full of light and ease. i've become obsessed by this curtain for reasons i don't think have words:

but the rest of the shots are probably more comprehensibly lovely.

*i have also been drifting in space these past two months. i apologise; i'm trying to work out what i'm going to do with this, and with myself. bear with me, wouldja?

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