Wednesday, 16 July 2008

29 before 29

There’s not a lot of time before I turn 29 – two months and 23 days. But there’s some stuff I’ve been needing a bit of a poke to get out and do, and I’m thinking this clean-living month might make some of this more likely to happen. So, here ‘tis; 29 things I’d like to be able to say I’ve done when my 29th rolls around.

1. Swim in the lido on Hampstead Heath.
2. Grow tomatoes and runner beans.
3. Make a red velvet cake.
4. Host a tea party.
5. Eat at Gordon Ramsay’s gastropub.
6. Read Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit.
7. Go rollerskating.
8. Dance like nobody’s watching.
9. Finish my Moleskine notebook.
10. Write every day for a month.
11. Buy some poppies.
12. Learn how to use my new camera.
13. Take part in hulaseventy’s postcard swap!
14. Send Elsa a surprise in the post.
15. Take a self-portrait every day for a month.
16. Finish knitting my grey scarf.
17. Start knitting a snood.
18. Stay overnight by the sea.
19. Go on a weekend away somewhere with Sooz.
20. Master the mise en ventre en roulet on trapeze.
21. Have my For Like Ever poster properly framed. Finally.
22. Take Kate for a lazy picnic.
23. Go to a Wills-Moody jumble sale with Sara and Julie.
24. Leave guerrilla messages of kindness somewhere.
25. Go screenprinting with Rach.
26. Spend an afternoon blowing giant bubbles.
27. Visit Elena in Oxford.
28. Surprise Loz with mail art.
29. Finish Wim’s birthday book.

Skates on, then…!

On the Things Of Wonder front…

Yeondoo Jung’s ever-so-lovely photographic reproductions of kids’ drawings

Melinda Gebbie and Alan Moore’s incredible 3-volume 'pornotopian' graphic novel Lost Girls (I went to hear them speak on Saturday night – true one-offs, erudite, charming and funny)

Vincent Fournier’s surreal photos

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