Thursday, 3 July 2008

day three

I’m teary, bloated, have a vice clamped around the back of my head, and I am utterly, ludicrously shickered. Right now I’m blogging to stay awake. At work. My head sags helplessly towards the desk like a sunflower head way too big for its stalk. My eyelids are wet sails. My skin is worse than a 14 year-old’s.

In short: I feel like poop; and detox sucks.

Worst of all is the exhaustion, though. Around 3 o’clock I’ve always had a quicksand half hour that threatens to suck me under into a pit of sleep. But in the past 3 days it’s been more or less a constant battle to stay conscious – and self-medicating with caffeine or sugar is off the menu. It’ll be a wonder if I don’t end up jobless by the end of the three weeks!

Does this get better?

Three things that are getting me through this day:

Microfunding charities with GlobalGiving – no matter how little you’ve got to give, you can go straight to the source and watch it make a difference.

My brand new print from Alyson Fox (I love how resolutely the little boy remains in his own world…)

The ohsohappy summertime ‘Toe Jam’ from Fatboy Slim.

(Also my friends Susan and Nick who have just had the Most. Beautiful. Baby. Boy. Ever. Just…wow.)

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Moiface said...

OMG I love love love that puppy!