Tuesday, 1 July 2008

fitter, happier, more productive

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In pursuit of this fine goal – and because I’ve just returned from a company jaunt to beautiful Valencia where I had a swig of booze more or less every time I blinked for 72 hours – I’m embarking on a month-long…um, clean-living effort. (I HATE the word detox. Just thinking about it makes me want to splash about in a bathtub full of gin with a barrel of roast potatoes for company.)

I’m a bit embarrassed about it, but I’m reading this book to give me some sort of structure over this next month. And because it talks about the other side of wellness too, which, to be honest, is the part I’m more interested in. I want to find out how much of my cloudiness might clear given some breathing space, enough sleep, some exercise and a month off mind-affecting substances.

On that list is (according to the book) apparently alcohol, dairy, caffeine, sugar and gluten. I haven’t even got to the part of the book yet that gives you the full rundown. Eegads.

To sum up: eek.

Having gone 6 hours without alcohol or caffeine, I’m pleased to report I’m feeling pretty chipper. Mind you, it’s only 3:30pm. I’ll keep you posted. I’m anticipating that not drinking alcohol will leave me with a LOT of spare time, so later on I’ll post my list of things I want to do before my birthday in October.

Happy Monday.

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Sharon said...

Good luck! (though the bath full of gin and roast potatoes does sound more fun!)