Wednesday, 22 July 2009

last of the sky-gazers

there's some pretty amazing stuff going on up there in the big not-so-blue at the moment. (well, all the time, no doubt, but narcissistically, i am going to persist in my belief that i am at the centre of the universe until i actually make it out into space to have my delusions of my own grandeur blown to smithereens.)

an amateur astronomer recently alerted NASA to an imminent collision on Jupiter, following in the grand tradition of starry bedroom discoveries.

HRH might very well get her own space agency soon.

if you missed this week's total solar eclipse, you can watch it in all its freaky majesty here.

i'm hankering for this scale poster of the moon by blanka (it glows in the dark!).

and, thrillingly, i'm not too old too become an astronaut. actually, at the youthful age of 29, i'd be one of their youngest.

promise i'll land back on earth soon.

image above from kyoto/ reuters via the guardian

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