Wednesday, 1 July 2009

make your own language

feeling stuck for words post-glastonbury mayhem (more on THAT later), so i'm instead wondering - if i made my own language, what would my vocabulary consist of? to begin with, there would be symbols for places where people sit and talk, important trees, places to swim, a symbol for dreaming and one for singing, men and women and children and babies, and a clutch of symbols to show the intricate connections between the cast in this great play...for starters.

i've realised that the artists i love most are the artists who spoke in their own secret tongues - alexander calder, joan miro, cy twombly.

today i've been re-immersing myself in alexander calder's sculptures, like some airborne metal ballet.

they - and the man himself - seem to radiate an intense generosity of spirit that seems as though it would make each day a new prayer.

more and more these days i want to work with my hands, to MAKE.

and here, just because, two together: calder, and dolores, pilar and joan miro.

all images courtesy of the calder foundation.

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