Tuesday, 7 July 2009

a lot of things in life feel hard

...so it's a relief to find soft alcoves - which is exactly what sarah applebaum creates.

wild explosions of colour arcing across a white space...

...and inviting little places built for curling up in.

it's like holi festival inside a gallery inhabited by a knitter ecstatically losing her mind. or something.

tea? i've got the kettle on; i was hoping you'd come knocking.

ps: sanky, the gorillas are especially for you...


reuben said...

um, i hate to kill the whimsy but...

in the second pic, the figure on the left wall looks like a spunking wang, complete with balls. the explosion at the (bell) end and messy shape on the right only add to the illusion.

it looks like a knitting installation commisioned by larry flynt*.

or is it just my filthy mind?



*still, a very pretty one.

Inkling said...

i don't know...i mean, i thought it was a rainbow submerged in cloud...but then i can be a bit slow on the uptake.

i'm all for a bit of crochet porn, too, though!

Inkling said...

ps: 'pounding' has just come on in the studio. apt, now, in more ways than one... x