Wednesday, 8 July 2009

love is coming to us all

i think i've found my favourite (caveat: for now) crosby, stills and nash song. it's the perfect combination of all the power wielded by the mighty band of brothers: it's unashamedly catchy but then weird and intricate beneath the immediate earworm potential. it's poppy enough for them to smuggle in a brief moment of psychedelic freak-out in the middle, too, which momentarily disorients before sending you spinning back into the chorus:

Carry on
Love is coming
Love is coming to us all

Where are you going now my love?
Where will you be tomorrow?
Will you bring me happiness?
Will you bring me sorrow?
Oh, the questions of a thousand dreams
What you do and what you see
Lover can you talk to me?

two weeks ago, i got to stand in a field with rapturous hippies and old men listening to these three play as one again. my dad texted me midway through to say that he was watching too, on television. they've still got the power to turn a mess of separate individuals into a unified loveworn and lovelorn collective.

they've still got the power.

album version here.

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